Lots of companies can provide medical transportation services. What sets Southwest Ambulance apart is that we understand the different needs of our partners, and our patients. 

Every 9-1-1 contract is personalized to meet the needs of that unique community in partnership with the local Fire Department.  We also work hard to ensure continuity of patient care.  One example of how we achieve this is that we schedule our ambulance crews to match Fire Department crew schedules to ensure the same crews regularly respond to a scene together.  Fire fighters also have the option of riding along in our ambulances with the patient to the hospital.

Independent from our 9-1-1 operations is Southwest Ambulance's a non-emergent transport department- more commonly referred to as Interfacility or General Transport.    This division is staffed and equipped differently than our 9-1-1 operations to ensure we can meet the unique needs of our patients, care facilities and hospitals.  Our highly trained, customer service focused Registered Nurses, Paramedics and EMTS offer all levels of patient care and medical transport.  In fact, for certain transportation needs, Southwest Ambulance is the only provider in the State with the resources and knowledge to handle certain types of transports.

As the largest provider Arizona with the most resources and employees, Southwest Ambulance is also contracted to work most of large special events across the State.

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