Southwest Ambulance is nationally recognized as a leader in the transport of morbidly obese patients. Our company first created a specially modified ambulance for the safe and dignified transport of bariatric patients in 2002 which became a national industry model.

While the specially equipped bariatric ambulances are impressive, equally important is the highly trained crews familiar with the unique issues Bariatric patients experience.

When scheduling a transport, please tell us that you believe the patient would require or might benefit by using Bariatric Care Unit.

Out of Town

Southwest Ambulance has the ability to transport patients of any care level long distances as needed. Our team works closely with you to coordinate all medical and logistical aspects of long-distance transports with both the sending, and receiving facility.



Southwest Ambulance has been a leader in the development of international ground transportation. A bilingual, International Transport Coordinator assists facilities in mitigating logistical, language and cultural challenges that often occur with international transports. Including locating a receiving hospital, establishing doctors and coordinating with customs and immigration officials in both the U.S. and Mexico.